I am a student, but I don't see your student pricing available on-line?

Students must register as a student in-person with a valid student ID. Once you have done that, student pricing will be available to you on-line and in the app. NOTE: We cannot reserve spots in aerial without payment, so make sure to register as a student in-person prior to the date of the aerial yoga class you wish to attend.

Where are you located?

We now have two locations! Yogaja Cricket West is located on the second floor and in the center of the Cricket West Shopping Center. Upon entering the door with our signage over it, you'll go upstairs to our check-in area. Cricket West plaza is on the corner of Central Avenue and Secor Road across from Costco. Our address is 3145 Central Ave. Yogaja Downtown is located on the corner of Madison Avenue and Erie Street in the heart of downtown Toledo. Our downtown address is 701 Madison Avenue. All of our packages apply to BOTH locations!

This is my first yoga class ever, what can I expect ?

You can expect to leave feeling better than when you arrived! Arrive 10 minutes before class begins, with an intention to be open to this new experience. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. Leggings/shorts/sweatpants and a tank top/tee are what most students wear. We have complimentary mats and props for you to use, so you need not bring anything. Please no shoes in the studio and all phones turned OFF. If you have any questions, please feel free to arrive early and chat with your instructor.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

Do class packages expire?

Our first time client 5 for $25 expires after 5 weeks from your first visit. Monthly packages expire each month and may not be carried over. Non-monthly class packages, such as the 10-class pack, do not expire.

When does my monthly package begin?

Monthly passes begin the day you purchase your package.

What do I need to know about taking an aerial class?

Aerial Etiquette
• Please arrive 10 minutes before class to set yourself up comfortably in your hammock.
• Avoid wearing lotion or strong perfumes.
• Be considerate of the next person using the hammock and observe good personal hygiene.
• Wear deodorant.
• Avoid practicing on a full stomach
• Pre-registeration and payment is required for aerial--we only have 13 hammocks available!

• Wear form fitting clothing. Please do not wear baggy clothing.
• Ensure that your clothing is "zipper free" and remove all jewelry, watches and hair clips. These items can snag and damage the hammocks. NOTE: There is NO weight limit for our aerial hammocks! **Pre-registration and payment are required for aerial classes. We cannot reserve spots without payment.**

Are there any physical restrictions & contraindications for aerial yoga?

Please talk to the teacher before attending class if you have any medical issues that prevent you from inverting or putting pressure on your skin. Check with your doctor before attending class if you have a spinal injury or any medical condition that might be effected by an Aerial Yoga class.

Possible contraindications include:

• Pregnancy

• Recent Surgery

• Easy Onset Vertigo

• Recent Concussion or Head Injury

• Head Cold, Flu, Sinusitis

And there is no weight limit for our aerial hammocks!

Can you book a private class for a group or just individuals?

Yes! We love to do private group classes, send us an email of what type of class, how many people and when you would like to do it. An individual private is a great way to receive one-on-one instruction with your favorite teacher to learn the basics or focus on taking your practice to the next level. Privates can be arranged for up to three people at a time. The easiest way to schedule your private is to send us an email and let us know what you hope to learn. You may request a teacher or we'll recommend one based on your needs.

I am under 18 years old. Am I allowed to attend classes without a parent and do I need a waiver signed by my parent?

Yes! You are allowed to practice without a parent if you are 13 or older. You MUST bring a waiver signed by a parent prior to participating in any classes at Yogaja. If you are under 13 and capable of a 60-75 minute yoga class, then you are welcome to practice alongside your parent!

I have never taken a yoga class before. What class should I take?

If you are new to yoga, Gentle Flow is a great option. This class is for all levels and includes a slow, light warm-up, a few standing/balancing poses, and deep stretching on the floor for the last half of class. Props and modificatons are offered. Basic Flow is also a great class for beginners. The intensity will be a step up from Gentle, but all of the poses are basic/fundamental yoga poses and the pace is slower than an intermediate or power class. Props and modifications are offered. Yin and Restorative Yoga are also great choices for beginners. Both classes are entirely on the floor (no standing poses) and each stretch is held for 2-5 minutes with the help of props. For more detailed descriptions of the classes, click here.

What are your hours?

During the work day, our yoga teachers are available 15 minutes before and after class, so please see our class schedule for times. The front desk is staffed Monday through Thursday from 5:00PM to 7:30PM. On the weekends, the front desk is occupied from 8:30AM to 11AM. If you need to purchase a gift card during work hours, the best method is to purchase one using the free Yogaja Yoga app. If that is not an option, an employee at The Yogaja Shop (retail store located at the back of Cricket West and underneath Yogaja Yoga) ought to be able to help you.

Do I need to preregister for classes?

Students only need to preregister for aerial classes as space is limited. Advance registration for regular yoga classes and workshops is encouraged but not necessary, so if you are having trouble registering, simply come to class a bit early and register with your teacher.

Where do I see the schedule of classes?

Our schedule is available on MindBody.

How do I cancel my autopay membership?

You may cancel at any time with 30 days notice. Simply email us at to cancel your package. Please include your full name and any other pertinent details.

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