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Welcome to the world of aerial yoga, where the serene meets the adventurous, and traditional yoga takes flight! 


Yogaja Yoga Toledo's Aerial yoga incorporates the use of a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling to support various yoga poses. Also known as anti-gravity yoga, it allows practitioners to perform traditional yoga poses in mid-air, offering support, stability, and the opportunity to explore poses in new ways. Aerial yoga enhances strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation. It's suitable for practitioners of all levels and provides a fun and challenging way to deepen your yoga practice.


Class Descriptions

Aerial Yoga Toledo Yogaja Party
Class Types

Aerial Foundations

Everyone begins with Aerial Yoga Foundations.


Led by certified Aerial & LYT Method instructors, Foundations introduces beginners to the floating world of aerial yoga movement and mindfulness. From gentle stretches to basic inversions,  you will build strength and flexibility while learning to trust the fabric. 


Aerial Yoga Foundations serves as an ideal setting for parties or workshops, fostering camaraderie and shared experiences among participants. Whether you're seeking a unique way to celebrate a special occasion or simply curious about aerial yoga, this class promises a delightful fusion of playfulness and wellness.


*Aerial Yoga Foundations is a prerequisite for Aerial 101 & 102.

Aerial 101

Aerial 101 is tailored for those who have mastered the basics of the foundations class and are ready to soar to greater heights. With a focus on refinement and technique, students will refine their skills, expand their repertoire, and cultivate a deeper connection between body and mind.


This dynamic class offers a seamless progression, guiding you through a series of challenging yet rewarding poses designed to strengthen your practice. From inversions to aerial sequences, you will explore new dimensions of strength, balance, and flexibility.

Restorative Aerial

Indulge in tranquility and rejuvenation with our Restorative Aerial Yoga class at Yogaja Yoga.


Restorative Aerial Yoga is a serene practice which invites you to surrender to the gentle support of our aerial hammocks as you explore a deeply nourishing and restorative yoga experience. 


By using the hammock as a supportive prop, you'll release tension, soothe tired muscles, and promote whole-body relaxation.


Aerial Restorative Yoga is suitable for practitioners of all levels and can be especially beneficial for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, or chronic tension. 

Aerial 102

Build upon your foundation in Aerial 101 and elevate your practice to new heights in Aerial 102 at Yogaja Yoga.

This class introduces advanced aerial yoga poses, inviting you to explore inversions, backbends, and arm balances with confidence and grace. Seamlessly transition between poses, cultivate strength and stability, and embrace playful exploration as you push the boundaries of your practice. Join us and soar beyond limitations, discovering strength, grace, and freedom in flight.


AERIAL workshops


Experience Something New: Treat your guests to an exciting and immersive aerial yoga experience they'll never forget. Our private parties offer a perfect blend of fun, fitness, and relaxation.


Suitable for All: Whether you're celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, team-building event, or any other occasion, aerial yoga is accessible to those willing to try something new.


Expert Instruction: Our certified instructors will guide you through a series of gravity defying aerial poses and sequences, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.



60-Minute Party:

  • Up to 5 Participants: $200

  • 6-10 Participants: $350

  • 11-14 Participants: $450


75-Minute Party:

  • Up to 5 Participants: $275

  • 6-10 Participants: $450

  • 11-14 Participants: $550


90-Minute Party:

  • Up to 5 Participants: $350

  • 6-10 Participants: $550

  • 11-14 Participants: $650

Additional Information:

  • Parties include guided aerial yoga instruction, use of aerial hammocks, and time for celebration or refreshments within the time constraints you have chosen.

  • At the end of class, instructor(s) will assist in any video or photos on your devices to document what you have learned

  • Pricing is inclusive of studio rental fees and instructor(s) costs.

  • Parties can be customized with additional services or themes for an extra fee.

  • A $100 deposit is required to secure the booking, with the remainder due on the day of the event in one form of payment. Please have your participants pay you in advance if this is an issue.

  • Prices are subject to change based on special requests or customization.


•  Please arrive 10-15 minutes before start time to be fitted for your hammock

•  Avoid practicing on a full stomach

•  Please observe good personal hygiene 

•  Avoid wearing lotion or perfumes



•  Wear form fitting clothing. Please do not wear baggy clothing.

•  Ensure that your clothing is "zipper free" 

•  No jewelry, watches or hair clips of any kind can be worn in the aerial hammock as it risks tearing the fabric


Check with your doctor before attending class if you have any medical condition that might be affected by an Aerial Yoga class.


Possible contraindications include:

•  Pregnancy

•  Recent Surgery

•  Easy Onset Vertigo

•  Recent Concussion or Head Injury

•  Head Cold, Flu, Sinusitis



There is NO weight limit for our aerial hammocks!

All participants must have a signed waiver to participate.


Yogaja Yogaja Toledo is available to host aerial yoga parties or private gatherings only when our regularly scheduled classes are not in session.  

Please check OUR SCHEDULE before requesting a date and time.

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