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Regular exercise is crucial for health and well-being, but a holistic approach is essential. Our DO IT DAILY philosophy integrates various aspects of yoga into a daily practice for wholeness. We offer over 40 yoga asana and meditation classes weekly, allowing you to create a personalized schedule from Power to Gentle yoga. While the best experience comes with a Monthly Unlimited Membership, we also provide free yoga programs and scholarships in the Toledo community. Our philosophy is built on ASANA, MEDITATION, KNOWLEDGE, NATURE, and COMMUNITY. Scroll down to learn more about our yoga community events in Toledo.


Asana, the physical practice of yoga, is what most Westerners think of when we say yoga.


At Yogaja in Toledo, we offer a diverse range of yoga classes led by teachers who masterfully combine physical movement and breath. Our classes can challenge your physical limits or elevate you to a celestial state, often both. We recommend creating a well-rounded yoga schedule by incorporating different levels and styles.


Check our class schedule for a variety of weekly offerings and stay updated with our event schedule for specialized workshops on specific asanas and body movements, like inversions or alleviating back pain. Discover the full range of our Toledo yoga classes here.


Meditation is central to yoga, aiming to eliminate obstacles and enhance intelligence, as BKS Iyengar noted. At Yogaja in Toledo, we emphasize daily meditation, offering Breathe, Move, Meditate classes Monday through Friday at 6:15 AM and Sundays at 8:00 AM. 


Whether in-studio, on livestream, or solo, commit to daily meditation and experience its benefits.


At Yogaja Yoga Toledo, we emphasize Svādhyāya, the study leading to self-knowledge, and the union of yoga through applied knowledge. Too often, this crucial aspect is overlooked.


To support your growth, we offer:

  • Book Club: Quarterly meetings to discuss books that enhance our understanding of yoga. Check EVENTS for details.

  • Workshops: Designed to deepen your knowledge of yoga philosophy and address obstacles.

  • Classes: Many incorporate yogic philosophy to enrich your practice.


Join us Yogaja Yoga Toledo to integrate these elements into your yoga journey.




At Yogaja Yoga Toledo, we embrace the true meaning of yoga—union—by fostering community and service. We host at least one service event per quarter and numerous community-building events throughout the year. Our ongoing programs include:

  • Sobriety Scholarships: Three months of unlimited free yoga for those in 12-step recovery programs. Apply here.

  • Adaptive Yoga Program: Weekly classes for young adults on the spectrum. View schedule.

  • SAME Café Toledo: Yogaja has a monthly commitment to SAME Café to provide volunteers from our community.  SAME Café Toledo is a donation-based, fair exchange nonprofit restaurant that serves healthy food to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Volunteer here.

  • Partnership with Metroparks Toledo: Collaborating on events to connect with nature, leveraging Toledo's excellent Metroparks system. View events.

Join us at Yogaja Yoga Toledo to unite in service and community.

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