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ALEX DeBeukelaer

I was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago and am utilizing eastern medicine to assist

my body and mind. I have treatment with reflexology, acupuncture and cupping.


I try to eat as healthy as possible without being a fanatic, as I like the pizza and

Five guys cheeseburger .I pay attention to what I put in my body and also try to

get enough sleep, but that is fleeting at times. I am amazed with the philosophy

of my doctor and what he said to me the first time we met. He explained all the

issues going on and then he said we could start a treatment program, but first I

had to do one thing. I said, Ok, what? – He said you need to be Happy. I was

perplexed and asked, but how? He said, you just need to be happy. I was

questioning this all the way down to Florida and I as I lay in my brother’s pool

looking up at the sky, almost a deprivation tank feel as my ears were covered by

the water, I had a mental shift. I thought that I have been thinking about things

one way for 4o+ years, maybe its time to look at them differently and that’s

when I decide to view things as Dr. Lu had said. I began to have an overall

concept of the self that is positive and continue to work on this. Yoga and the

treatments have had a dramatic impact on this and in a twisted sort of logic I am

grateful for the MS diagnosis. We slumber thru life and then realize it is over

before we ever really woke up. I am only hoping to be able to be awake to

witness its beauty. Namaste!

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