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Regular exercise is an important component in our health and well-being, but more than just exercise is needed.  A daily practice that incorporates various aspects of yoga everyday will bring you to a space of wholeness. That's the idea behind our DO IT DAILY philosophy. We'll create the framework for you to build a daily yoga practice that is realistic, enjoyable and beneficial to your total well-being.

With over 40 asana and meditation classes offered each week, you are able to create a studio schedule that ranges from Power one day  to Gentle the next. The best way to enjoy these benefits is to become a Monthly Unlimited Member, but we also offer free programming on a regular basis within the Toledo community. Scroll down to our community section to learn more about our Toledo community events and available scholarship programs.

ASANA, MEDITATION, KNOWLEDGE, NATURE and COMMUNITY, these are the foundations of our DO IT DAILY philosophy and this is how we practice yoga.


Asana, the physical practice of yoga, is what most Westerners think of when we say yoga. At Yogaja, we are fortunate to have teachers that understand physical movement and breath in a way that allows them to create classes that may bring you to your physical edge or move you into a celestial state, and possibly both! We highly recommend that all students create a well-rounded studio schedule, incorporating different levels and styles of classes in their regular practice. Be sure to check out our class schedule to see the wide variety of classes offered each week. You can read about our different types of classes here. Also stay up-to date with our event schedule, as we have regular workshops that will focus on specific types of asanas (ex: inversions) and body movement to help body parts (ex: back pain).


Meditation is at the heart of yoga. In BKS Iyengar's Light On Yoga he states, "the purpose of yoga is to minimize all impediments to meditation and thus bring the intelligence to full, vibrant life." We want everyone to receive the benefits of a daily meditation practice, that's why we have classes Monday through Friday at 6:15am (Breathe, Move, Meditate) and most of our classes incorporate meditation as part of the practice.

Additionally, we have Free Full Moon Meditations on each full moon. Tibetan lamas and Hindu sages believe that at certain moments in the lunar cycle, especially at New and Full Moons, energetic doorways can open and receiving insights is easier. Check the schedule for the time and location of each Full Moon Meditation - sometimes we venture into nature!

Commit to a daily meditation practice, whether you come in-studio, join us on livestream or do it by yourself...




Svādhyāya is the sanskrit word which translates to mean, "study which leads to knowledge of the Self." Yoga means, "Union through the application of knowledge." All too often, we leave this important aspect of yoga completely out of our practice.

As part of our commitment to help you create a base of knowledge and continue to grow, we offer the following:


  • Book Club - once a quarter we'll come together to discuss our current book. We choose books that will help us to live our yoga.  Look for book club under EVENTS.

  • Workshops - created to help you build more knowledge of yoga philosophy and awareness around obstacles that block our path. 

  • Classes - many of our teachers incorporate yogic philosophy within their classes.


Yoga translates to UNION, so our community philosophy includes bringing people together to serve our greater community through lending a hand whenever possible, as well as creating opportunities for camaraderie. We host at least one service event per quarter and have many more events to bring community together throughout the year. Additionally, we have on-going programming aimed at creating opportunities and bringing awareness to our community. These include:

Sobriety Scholarships - if you are active in a 12-step recovery program and believe the practice of yoga could assist you on your path, we would like to help. We offer Sobriety Scholarships that are 3 months of unlimited yoga at no charge.

Adaptive Yoga Program - this class meets once a week and it brings together young adults on the spectrum to gather together in the practice of yoga.

Partnership with Toledo MetroParks - we are so fortunate to have such an AMAZING MetroParks system here in Toledo. And because we believe so strongly in nature connection as part of our practice we partner with MetroParks on many events throughout the year.

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