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ANNA Martins


Anna's love of movement started in her early childhood when she would rock to the sound of Brazilian music. Yoga entered her life as she was seeking to improve her balance and realized how much joy she felt moving on her mat. 


She is a 200h-certified LYT instructor certified in Myofascia Release. In her class, you can expect to develop core strength and stability, to move slower, and breathe deeper. You will also become more aware of body alignment and anatomy.


Anna loves to teach LYT Basic and to help her students improve their mobility and stability. One of her favorite yoga poses is 90/90. It seems like an easy pose but there is a lot of alignment going on. It is also a pose that can take you either up or down on your mat and allows you to move your upper limbs in fun different ways. When not in the studio, Anna is traveling, hiking, gardening, meditating, eating lunch with her friends, and enjoying her family. 

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