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Cricket West, 3145 West Central Ave., Toledo, OH 43606

Downtown Toledo, 701 Madison Ave., Toledo, OH 43604


September 1, 2017


For many of us, back to school is what comes to mind in September. We watch
children boarding the bus to head to their classrooms for another year of
learning. But learning is not just done in a classroom and it has no connection to
age. We have all been blessed with the ability to learn. Being open to the
teachings that abound each day in our lives is a pathway to joy.

I recently returned from a four-day program on Ayurveda at the Chopra Center in
Carlsbad, CA. In that short time I was bombarded with information about how to
incorporate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into today’s world. At times it
seemed overwhelming. However, our teachers all kept coming back to a single
message; Ayurveda is the science of life. The science of life is connecting us to
the rhythms of nature. It couldn’t be more logical; we just need to be open to the
lessons of nature.

This month, get into nature! Spend time outside each day and open your soul to
the lessons that are within you and right in front of you.
Light & Love,

Chant this mantra as you meditate this month: Ong Namo Guru Dav Namo
Translation: I bow to the creative energy of the infinite. I bow to the Divine
channel of wisdom.

Why chant it:
This Gurmukhi mantra opens the communication channel between the student
and the Divine teacher. We like to think that it also opens us to learning and
gives the strength to try something new.

Join us on Sep 9 as we connect with nature at Wildwood Metropark….

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