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Toledo Classes and Events for Self-Expression

As small children, we learn through self-expression--art, movement, creation, music--but every year we age, we typically spend less time on those lost arts. If you’re looking for a class or workshop to tickle your creative side, we’ve compiled a list of 5 opportunities in the Toledo area to get those creative juices flowing.

Buti instructor Adrienne Salon at Yogaja Yoga Toledo by Mary Wyar Photography


Adrienne Salon, Yogaja teacher and elementary school teacher, raves, “ an intense fusion of power yoga, high intensity interval training, cardio dance, and primal tribal movements--all in a one hour, power-packed class.”

With dynamic, upbeat music, classes “are meant to be fun, exhilarating, and a release of any self-doubt or self-consciousness. No class is ever exactly the same because [instructors] do not plan out classes; we plan our playlists in advance and then go from there using the energy in the room to guide spontaneous sequencing.”

“Teaching Buti classes allows me to be creative with my movements, sequencing, music, and the whole flow of classes” Adrienne continues. “I love having the ability to just create an amazing class on the fly based on the energy of the class. Watching the release of others is the most gratifying thing about teaching Buti for me.”

Diana Patton at Promenade Park


If you love music, you understand the joy of listening to a live show. Watching the talent of the musicians and listening to the beauty of the music in real time cannot compare to listening to the same song on Spotify.

Promedica Summer Concert Series combines music with the great outdoors. Sit by the river and enjoy live music, and maybe even send the kids to run through the fountains while you soak up the fresh air and the live music.


Michelle Ostermyer, Yogaja bodyART instructor, explains, “bodyART is a functional movement class that focuses on balancing the yin and yang energies in the body. It is super fun and will make you sweat! BodyART is a lot like dance; there is form to each movement, but you can always make it your own.”

She continues, “Yin energy is the feminine energy. It correlates with downward movement and exhalation. The yin phase [of class] is focused on balance and flexibility. Yang energy is the masculine energy in the body, and it correlates with the upward movements and inhalation. The yang phase is more strength-based.”

Yogaja is the only local place to offer bodyART, which has been popular in Europe for over 20 years and has begun to grow in the United States over the past several years.


Peace Love and Pottery Studio is a paint-your-own pottery space that also offers classes in wet clay. Walk-ins are encouraged, and parties can be scheduled during business or non-business hours. They are a locally-owned company, four generations deep, who were all born and raised in Sylvania, Ohio. Engage your artistic side, get your hands dirty, and spend time with friends, family, or yourself while you create your masterpiece.

Margaret Penn in aerial hammock at Yogaja Yoga by Mary Wyar Photography


Movement and Meditation incorporates those two concepts in this yoga class designed and taught by Margaret. Be guided to create a self-led practice to address your individual needs using gentle movement, balance, and deep stretching. Meditate in Yogaja’s yoga hammocks for the final 20 minutes of class. Movement and meditation will leave you with an inner calm and a renewed spirit.

*Photos and video by Mary Wyar Photography.

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