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Must-Have Travel Items

- Eco-friendly travel items -

Traveling requires enough planning without adding a layer of remaining environmentally conscious throughout your trip. However, a few small traveling items can help drastically reduce waste while also making your life more convenient. Eco-traveling made simple!


A cloth bag rolls into a tight ball, taking up practically no space, but allowing you to avoid plastic bags while traveling.

Not only are cloth bags great for trips to the store or carryout containers, but your bag can double as a pool/beach bag or even a purse!


If you are a coffee drinker and/or enjoy alcoholic beverages by the pool, this is a must-have. Most coffee shops, including Starbucks, offer a small discount when you bring in your own reusable mug. Keep your drinks hot or cold...all while reducing plastic and paper waste.


You can bring a stainless steel bottle, which can carry all sorts of beverages on your vacation, or you can opt for the foldable Vapur bottle, which is available upstairs at Yogaja Yoga.

By bringing this one item, you eliminate dozens of plastic bottles that you would use over the course of your vacation. Definitely worthwhile for an item that can fold into the palm of your hand!


Our lives were forever changed when we were introduced to the cross-body phone case that doubles as a wallet. This nimble purse is perfect for traveling--all of your needed items are easily accessible--and it is also great for all of those outfits without pockets.

Bandolier makes a beautiful leather crossbody purse, with the option of buying add-ons, such as a Passport holder, but if you are working with a smaller budget, Amazon carries knock-offs.


Whether you have small children or prefer your margarita with a straw, reusable straws take up practically zero space in your luggage and can be used again and again. Many beach and river towns now ban straws, so if you or your little ones are accustomed to straws, reusable straws may prove to be a lifesaver.

Even if you decide to bring all the items above, they will fit in the cloth sack with room to spare. If you have other small travel items you would recommend, please share!

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