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Healthy on a Budget: 4 Free Ways to Improve Your Health

October 26, 2019



Being healthy is expensive. From organic labels to athletic wear, it all costs much more than you might expect. 


But choosing a healthy lifestyle is no longer exclusive to the affluent. Public and private institutions provide affordable and/or free services and opportunities to build healthy communities, including Toledo Library. 


So how can you improve your overall well-being without breaking the bank? Here are some practical suggestions for improving your health without the hefty price tag: 




We’ve discussed the many boons of meditation, and numerous reputable sources, such as Healthline and Forbes, have reported benefits backed by science, yet many of us are still not meditating. Why? Our theory is because it’s hard to make the time or find a quiet place. If you’re a parent, forget about it. Have pets? Cuddles are wonderful but also distracting. 


Our Toledo Libraries offer quiet, comfortable spaces, full of natural light, for your personal meditation space. Pick a time of day that you can consistently meditate--morning or lunch, for example--and find a quiet corner or private room, sit comfortably, and begin your meditation practice. 


At Yogaja, we offer Movement & Meditation, where half of the class is gentle flow and the other half is guided meditation with the option to float in the hammocks. Unlimited monthly members also have the option to meditate on their own in Flowt during Yogaja Shop hours. 


Not sure where to start? Read this post from HeadSpace or borrow Practical Meditation: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide from your local Library. 





Toledo Library routinely offers free yoga classes at various branches. The Library partnered with Yogaja Yoga and Erin Marsh for the current 6-week series, offering free gentle yoga classes on Mondays from 5:30PM to 6:30PM at Main Library in downtown Toledo.  


Here at Yogaja, we also periodically offer free community classes. We just had an entire weekend of free classes for our Open House, and we also offer a free class every Saturday at Yogaja Downtown for those in recovery. In June, we will host another free event at Toledo Metroparks: Wild in the Woods. 


After you’ve taken as many of these free classes as you can, you will learn enough to continue your own personal practice at home. Still unsure of how to proceed now that you’re solo? Check out any of the many yoga books and DVDs available for borrowing from your local Library! We highlighted some of our favorites here.






From Zumba to dance, the Library offers free sessions to fit your fitness needs. Not into group exercise but still want to sweat? Check out a home workout DVD like P90x or The Firm.

Yogaja offers classes like Yoga Sculpt, Power Yoga, Trap Yoga Beats, and Buti for those who are looking for workouts guaranteed to make you sweat and help build lean muscle. 





There’s no shortage of fad diets these days, but whether or not they last or fade, they all certainly have healthy elements within them that teach us how to better eat and exercise. The Library carries books on whatever diet peaks your interest: paleo, keto, and more


Ayurveda, conversely, is a mind-body lifestyle that has been around for 5,000 years. Modern medicine, over the last couple of decades, has supported the findings of Ayurveda that have been in place since before Jesus or Buddha were born. 

In short, Ayurveda explains that each of us is born with a certain mind-body type, and if we can eat and exercise according to that type, we will be the best versions of ourselves possible. It’s when we’re out of balance that negative physical and emotional traits surface: reflux, constipation, dry skin, breakouts, impatience, lethargy, etcetera. Interested in learning more? The Library has a book for that.


Now that money is no longer an issue if your wellness journey, if you find you’re struggling to find the time for all of this, start small. Attend one free class a week at the Library or make time to meditate for just 5 minutes each day. Once you’ve established a routine, you can begin to add other healthful elements into your daily life. 


So that you don’t miss out on the many opportunities that the Library and Yogaja provide, make sure to follow @toledolibrary, @yogajayoga, and @the.yogi.writer on Instagram and Facebook. 




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