KELLY Kotchetov 

Kelly is a lifelong Toledo area native. She has explored several different forms of yoga over the last 7 years to deepen her spiritual practice, as well as challenge herself physically, and she finally took the step to become certified in 2017.


As a mother, she has helped her 11-year-old twins discover the benefits of yoga as well.

One of the most profound phenomenon is "The Butterfly Affect." Kelly has been fascinated with this concept, whereby a minute, localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. Moving and breathing through asanas on your mat will be your support that carries peace with you throughout the motions of your day.

It's never too late.
You're never too old.
Start here; 

Challenge yourself.
Be here;
All things are possible here.
Spread your wings
And see where you can fly.

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