katelyn ENGEL

Katelyn did not immediately fall in love with yoga; it took her some time. When she began a daily personal practice in 2014, she began to truly appreciate yoga and noticed the positive changes throughout her body. Four years later, she is loving being both a student and a teacher.

Katelyn received her 200 RYT training at Caribe Yoga Academy in Costa Rica in March of 2018, then returned in 2019 to complete her 500 hours. She studied under Avani Gilbert, who has created her own style of yoga, called Karuna Flow. She also has kids yoga training.

Throughout Katelyn’s classes, you’ll be reminded to breathe through the sensations, and seek a balance of pushing yourself to your edge, all while listening to your body and honoring it for all that it can do.

Katelyn believes yoga is about bringing the mind, body, breath, and spirit into harmony on the mat in order to live a fuller life off of the mat. She believes yoga can be anything you want it to be, whether that is time for self-care, exercise, or stretching.

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