RAE betz

Rae’s yoga practice became consistent during her hectic college days. She was seeking a way to relax, reflect, and recharge, and in the process, she befriended like-minded individuals with a passion for yoga. After graduating and returning to Toledo, Rae earned her RYT-200 at It’s Yoga International in 2014 and then her RYT-50hr Rocket Training in 2015.


Since then, Rae has explored many types of yoga philosophies and continues to learn and grow. She enjoys attending different types of classes as well as practicing at home with her golden retriever Nelson--one of her true gurus.


Rae's classes are designed to connect your breath with movement – flowing through the asanas with mindful movements that prepare the body and mind for meditation. Rae encourages all levels to attend in order to create a welcoming space together, to honor their own practice, and to share in a transformative experience on and off the mat.


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