GENA collier

Gena is so much a part of the Yogaja herd that she has our elephant tattooed on her wrist!


The story goes that Gena attended one of Margaret’s classes, and Margaret convinced her to take her teacher training because she intuitively knew that Gena would make a wonderful teacher. Margaret was right.


Gena’s full name is Angena, which combines both of her parents’ names--Angie and Gene. Gena moved to Toledo to attend University of Toledo and has since stayed for her job in human resources and the Yogaja herd.


Outside of yoga and work, Gena enjoys cooking and spending time with her family in Piqua.


Her first 200RYT training was in 2016 with Brent Divine, and she is currently attending a second 200RYT training with Todd Norian. She is also certified in aerial.


Join Gena for a class; see her teaching schedule HERE.