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ELLEN healy

If you frequent Power Yoga classes at Yogaja Yoga, you’ve likely met Ellen. Ellen has been a part of the Yogaja herd for years, and she loves a good sweat!


Ellen moved to Toledo from Philadelphia 27 years ago--and we’re thankful she did. While she started practicing yoga in 2014, she was too intimidated to practice in a studio, so she began her yoga practice with private lessons. Initially, yoga was just another form of exercise--a complement to Pilates, weight training, and running--but it rapidly developed into something much deeper. Now Ellen practices yoga exclusively almost every day of the week! 


Ellen explains that yoga provides her with a platform to express her true self and to heal and grow spiritually. She received her 200-hour RYT certification the winter of 2019 from Yogaja Yoga, and she then promptly added on a chair yoga certification. She hopes to give back to organizations such as the Victory Center by teaching yoga.


When Ellen is not practicing yoga, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, walking, reading and cooking. 


Join Ellen on the mat, where she is likely to sprinkle in a few classic rock songs, on one of these days/times

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